How To Combat Planner Clutter

www.renewyourspace.comIt doesn’t matter if you carry a Filofax or a notebook to plan your life, whatever system you stick to inevitably bulks up with excess notes and used up calendar diaries.  If your planning system is bursting at the seams, here’s your prompt to purge…

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Tackling… Time

Isn’t it always fascinating to learn just how much time it really takes us to accomplish something great? To me, cleaning my chaotic kitchen the morning after a busy day in just 15 minutes is truly something great – in this time, I also prepared dinner and made my oatmeal breakfast which is a miracle!
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A Free Printable for Finances

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Keeping a close eye on your cash-in and cash-out can be ultra simple by using your planner.  Budget sheets can not only help you visualize where your over-spending occurs, it can keep you current on monthly bills and planned savings.

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How To Organize Gmail

5If you have a Gmail account, I’m sure you know the frustration of not having the typical “Sort Function” like Outlook and other older hosts offer.  Google is all about searching, not sorting eMail, so this has been an annoying factor for many users.  Well, I have found a solution to sorting out all of that junk eMail!

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Using Desires As A Stepping Stone

untitledMoving right along in the Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte, I really had to step back and take a deep look into the path that lies ahead for me.  Inspiration comes in waves – creative forces, mentors, even bits of information I pick up from a book or an online post.  It all collectively moves me closer towards my goals, however none of it makes a bit of difference if I don’t have a clear path to where I want to go in the weeks or months ahead.

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