A New Kind of Planner

Ihttp://bit.ly/1ipUiyM know that many of you are Planner Enthusiasts and already have a system in place for your daily / weekly / monthly goals and schedules, but there’s a new kid in town and I think you will love her…

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Your Relationship to Clutter Could Be the Cause and the Cure

www.renewyourspace.comWhen you walk into a cluttered space, you’ve probably noticed your body tense up. You may feel a knot at the pit of your stomach or a lump in your throat. This is your intuition giving you clues that you need to do some releasing for your health. Many of us hold onto family heirlooms – items that have been handed off, passed down or just left behind. But the harsh reality is that they aren’t always welcomed.

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Have Filo Will Travel

www.renewyourspace.comYes…  I do travel with this baby.  I can’t tell you how comforting it is to have my Filofax planner with me when I’m travelling.  Having an A5 size can be a bit inconvenient due to the weight, but it allows me to get all of my writing in comfortably.  With every subject I’m consistently working on, it is worth it to me to tote it along in my carry-on bag, and have everything at my fingertips.

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Finding Beauty During Difficult Times

www.renewyourspace.comI thought I should write a little update as to why the articles at Renew Your Space have been a bit sporadic.  I also received a lot of requests for the August Calendar Challenge, which I know you’ve been enjoying from the Newsletter, so here is what’s up.  We’ve had a family emergency which had required us to leave the state, so I thought it was best to postpone my writing a bit.

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Renew Your Kitchen With a Single Item

www.renewyourspace.comAre you suffering from drab kitchen syndrome?  Is it going to take a lot of time and money to get it up to par?  This tip is going to blow your mind with how just one piece of hardware transformed this kitchen space.

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