15 Day Renewal Challenge

15 Day So, you’ve been thinking about Spring Cleaning your home, but you haven’t had the time yet, right?  You know Summer is coming, don’t you?

Well, now is the time!

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Get Aligned With Your Dreams

VBMany of you have read about my Hiatus and escaping the dull-drums of our mediocre life in Northern California, (if you haven’t – here is the full story).  But the next chapter is a little more intense.  If you’ve ever felt stuck in a life rut, you might want to read on…

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A Transformational Leap

Renew Your SpaceHello my friend – I wanted to share some important updates with you.  Renew Your Space is getting a sweet makeover…  And because you have been one of my favorite girlfriends, I want to let you know that I’m making it easier than ever to receive brand new, valuable time-renewing presentations and downloads.  You will now have the opportunity to become an exclusive group of like-minded women, take classes, participate in new challenges, and even test out some of my new products.

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Home Organizing Challenge {Week 16} – Get That Junk Out Of Your Trunk!

Photo Nov 30, 11 03 04 AM (1)This is the final installment of my Whole Home Organizing Challenge, featuring one area a week to organize in your home.  Although the long stretch was 16 weeks, it allowed us to tackle each section in a reasonable amount of time, taking the overwhelm out of the organizational process, and I have gotten so much wonderful feedback on your renewed spaces.  Some of our group members shared their photos in our private group, and some shared their progress - Thank you all for joining me on this journey.  I participated right along with you on the spaces I needed to work on in our new home, and it was like having my sisters working right along-side of me.

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Schedule in a Spa Day – {Filofax Friday}

Spa DayThere seems to be one thing us business women need to fit into our schedule even more than carving out time for more work…  it’s simply scheduling in time to relax.  There is so much going on in our lives, that we often push our own needs to the side for tomorrow, or next week, or next month.

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