{Filofax Friday} Remember All Your Home DIY Projects

www.renewyourspace.comAs we continue the renovations on our new home, this space in my planner has become well visited in the past few months.  Just a quick tip…


Do you have ongoing projects or DIY’s to keep track of at home?

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How To Keep Cut Flowers Fresh

Photo Jun 19, 1 29 43 PMI am a firm believer in adding perpetual joy in your daily life and flowers are a simple abundance that will transform your space into a happy place.

Enclosed, you will find tips on keeping your bouquet fresh, long past their expiration date.

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{Filofax Friday} Cleaning a Leather Planner

www.renewyourspace.comWhen toting around a leather planner, you will inevitably need to remove ink stains and general wear and tear at some point.

These are the things I’ve done to ensure a long life span for my Filofax planners.


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Manifesting From A Place of Desire

New HomeI have shared my Hiatus experience many times, but never written the love story about how our new home came to be, and the trials it took us to reach this space in time.  I frequently get asked about how we got here, so I’m laying it all out with lessons I found along the way.

Here’s the story…

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How Our Backyard Vision Became A Reality

Renew Your SpaceI have always been a firm believer in the power of visioning.  Close your eyes – feel it, taste it, smell it…  a far away dream, a glimmer of hope, the deepest of desires can all be yours if you can understand the outcome.  Your vision boards are filled with your desires, and maybe you have forgotten how powerful they can be.  Well, I have an amazing story to tell and because many of you have asked, I’m sharing my life-changing journey with you later this week.

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